STEM Summer Camps 2018

Summer of STEM combats summer learning loss by creating opportunities for students to explore STEM learning and careers specifically during the summer months. NERDS Summer of STEM Camps are sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative (GCSC).


Computer Science NERDS Summer of STEM Camp

July 23-27, 2018 
Carl Lindner YMCA 
1425 Linn St. Cincinnati, OH 45214

Students will think algorithmically, computationally, creatively, and critically while collaborating and communicating with others. They will learn about Computer Science and have the opportunity to explore their interest in the ever-changing and rapidly growing Information Technology (IT) field.

NERD Girls Riding STEM Summer Camp

June 4-7, 2018

Students will experience Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative’s (GCSC) STEM Bicycle Club in the summer camp environment. Students will break down and re-assemble bicycles they get to keep. The club builds student confidence as well as problem solving and persistence skills.


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