Nurturing Educational Readiness & Development from the Start

Who We Are

Our mission is to inspire the inner nerd to learn for Life through engaging hands-on learning activities, defining a NERD as anyone who desires to learn. Our NERD Life program aims to develop students socially, educationally, and financially through core four principals: Social Development, Leadership Development, Self-Care, and Financial Literacy.



A STEM focused program infused with creativity and literacy to provide a fun nurturing environment to grow and learn. NERDLife activities consist of STEM, book club, Arts, and academic enrichment. NERDLIFE = Nurturing Educational Readiness & Development from the Start through Learning Infused with Fun and Education.

Target Skills Developed:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Time Management

  • Public Speaking

  • Collaboration


The goal of the STEM Program is to provide participating students with an engaging, supportive environment to acquire skills that allow them to fully engage in STEM activities.  The STEM program engages students and equips them with critical thinking, problem solving, creative and collaborative skills, and helps students understand and apply math and science content.

Academic Enrichment


The Arts program offers opportunities for students to express themselves creatively through journalism, art, music, etc. while developing skills to encourage the production of creative media messages, encouraging students to express their feelings and thoughts through the arts.

Book Club

Reading is important because it balances the application with theoretical concepts. The Book Club aims to increase students’ motivation to read, while increasing reading literacy skills through book readings and discussions. Students gain exposure to various topics and concepts through reading material discussion, while developing positive social interactions with their peers.



The program focuses on building reading confidence, revisiting foundational academic skills to build a strong base for our students, and supporting students with homework.  Provides students with a positive atmosphere that encourages a sense of self-­worth and achievement.


Join the movement of inspiring the inner NERD of students, with a purchase of an I'm A NERD t-shirt. Shirts are $20 and all proceeds support N.E.R.D.S mission of combating the twin problems of student disengagement and low academic achievement by inspiring the inner NERD of students through hands-on and engaging learning activities and environments for students of all ages.

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Nurturing Educational Readiness & Development from the Start

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